Mutt Design Co

SpecHops Brewing Co



SpecHops Brewing Company is based in Vista, CA and looks to bring the craft beer world a new "unconventional brewfare". Beyond brewing, the group hopes to capture and curate stories of the individuals who both enjoy craft beer and who have served this country in any capacity.

Mutt created a brand that balanced the two worlds of military life and craft beer love. The goal was to make each design bold and crisp, so that whether on a can, shirt or any other application, the logo was easily recognizable. A pint glass bodied eagle within anchor, based on the Marines' seal, is the centerpiece of the overall brand.

"I'm a fairly picky person (a lifetime of intelligence 'attention-to-detail') and I can't find any faults in Mutt Design's work or responsiveness, attitude, communication, or skill in creating a unique and bold design. An all-around pleasant experience and I have identified a talented creative company that I'm absolutely willing to grow a business relationship with in the future."

David Casperson, SpecHops Founder